Weather Alerts for Osceola

Issued by the National Weather Service

River Flood Warning  RIVER FLOOD WARNING   River Flood Warning

Areas Affected:
Effective: Wed, 9/20 8:12am Updated: Thu, 9/21 6:10am Urgency: Expected
Expires: Thu, 9/21 8:12am Severity:  Moderate  Certainty: Likely

River levels continue to slowly recede on the Shingle Creek near
Campbell and levels will remain above flood stage through late
week. Rain chances increase Friday, but forecast rainfall amounts
remain low, so additional rises due to heavy rain over the basin
are not expected through that time.
The Flood Warning Continues For
The Shingle Creek At Campbell.
* River levels continue to recede very slowly, but are forecast
to remain above flood stage through late week.
Flood  Observed          Forecast 7am EST/8am EDT
Location       Stage  Stage  Day  TIME    Thu       Fri
Campbell      59.0  59.8   Wed 07 AM    59.5      59.2